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Welcome to my blog, where I write about a variety of subjects, from Furry Friends and Dungeons & Dragons, to entire series like Positivity Camp.

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Positivity Camp Part XXVIII

09 February 2018
Just when you thought the camp couldn't get any weirder, it did! With night slowly falling, the camp, if not the mood, steadily grows darker. Of course, it doesn'...

Positivity Camp Part XXVII

02 February 2018
The night is still young at Positivity Camp! As time goes on, the campers creep ever closer to Daniel and cool kid Tyler's plan of escape. But for now, they must ...

Positivity Camp Part XXVI

26 January 2018
Has Daniel truly recovered from his meeting with Mr. Petrel? Did Kevin really go home? Does Wendy know Teacher's real name? Can the resitance survive the coming n...

Positivity Camp Part XXV

19 January 2018
The madness continues as Daniel struggles with what he should or should not do. For those of you paying attention, you know what’s next in Daniel’s schedule! If n...

Positivity Camp Part XXIV

12 January 2018
The holidays are over, and that means more time for writing! If you haven’t checked the blog out in a while, then surprise! I added a quick summary of the previou...

Positivity Camp Part XXIII

05 January 2018
Hope everyone had an awesome New Year or at least an awesome break for the holidays! I’ve been busy with yet another installment of Positivity Camp. Hopefully thi...

Positivity Camp Part XXII

29 December 2017
Another week, another Positivity Camp! I know some had said there wasn’t enough action, but I’m wondering if anyone feels that way still? Not that I was intending...

Positivity Camp Part XXI

22 December 2017
Not sure if anyone even reads this intro or not, but here’s a fun fact about this week’s Positivity Camp segment! I wrote this a while ago :D Yup, that’s right! I...

Positivity Camp Part XX

15 December 2017
I didn’t leave you guys on a cliffhanger, did I? Well, it’s only going to get worse from here! Because, let’s face it, this camp is all sorts of crazily messed up!

Positivity Camp Part XIX

08 December 2017
So…this is the day that I tell you all that I did not complete my goal for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Sadly, that means that Positivity Camp has NO...

Positivity Camp Part XVIII

01 December 2017
It’s been a while, but NaNoWriMo is over and the first of many Positivity Camp chapters is up! Now who’s ready for more mischief at camp?


03 November 2017
A new week, and a new story! It may not be Positivity Camp, but at least it’s complete! Would you believe me if I said I was trying to keep it short? No? Me neith...

Black Cat

27 October 2017
This story goes out to our awesome neighborhood board member, Ed Kelker, who has been donating his time and painting everyone's mailboxes in the neighborhood! He’...

Based on a True Story

02 October 2017
So, it’s October and that’s the BEST month of the year. Spiders are dying and leaves are changing! Beautiful. Simply beautiful. But it’s also the month of ghost s...

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