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Not all books are ready to see the light of day

Is An Author’s Debut Novel Their First Novel?

06 May 2022
In my last blog, I mentioned my desire to write a blog titled something like: How Long Does it Take to Write a Novel Worth Publishing? Before anyone gets all up in arms about the ‘worth publishing’...
April showers bring more writing hours!

April Brings New Writing Endeavors as I Celebrate Completing Past Goals

08 April 2022
Last month was a crazy month, and it’s only getting wilder from here on! Before I get too ahead of myself, here’s a quick recap of last month. And in case you missed seeing the subtitle for this po...
Spoiler Alert! I’m Publishing Another Book Soon!

Sir Ryac and The Dark Mage is Close to Publishing

31 March 2022
I promised to update about Sir Ryac and the Dark Mage in May, but I couldn’t wait! Publishing another book is just too exciting! You read that right, this is an exciting publishing announcement! I...
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