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A standalone novel about a werewolf on the run

Charm of Night: A tale of werewolves, vampires, priestesses, and witches

24 June 2022
The time has finally arrived!! By that, I mean that I'm finally sitting down to tell you what my newest writing project is all about. But first… A long rant about alpha wolves The International W...
Tulips and a fountain welcome you to Fort Wayne

An early spring photoshoot of the flowers at Freimann Square in downtown Fort Wayne

17 June 2022
This is just a feel-good post that lets you enjoy the spring flowers without those springtime allergies. If you have a chance to visit Fort Wayne, I suggest visiting Freimann Square in the downtown...
Things to see on the way to California from Indiana

Highlights from a twenty-day road trip from Indiana to California and home again

10 June 2022
In my previous blog (Personal life and a writing slump caused a month-long hiatus) I mentioned that I had some highlights from that nearly month-long trip. You know, the one that lasted from April ...
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