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How I managed to procrastinate on writing my blog for so long

How I managed to procrastinate on writing my blog for so long

05 August 2022
In case you hadn't guessed, this blog is all about how I've been procrastinating on blogging. And yes, I did make a crossword puzzle, and I did it all without any help from any puzzle builders.&nbs...
A standalone novel about a werewolf on the run

Charm of Night: A tale of werewolves, vampires, priestesses, and witches

24 June 2022
The time has finally arrived!! By that, I mean that I'm finally sitting down to tell you what my newest writing project is all about. But first… A long rant about alpha wolves The International W...
Tulips and a fountain welcome you to Fort Wayne

An early spring photoshoot of the flowers at Freimann Square in downtown Fort Wayne

17 June 2022
This is just a feel-good post that lets you enjoy the spring flowers without those springtime allergies. If you have a chance to visit Fort Wayne, I suggest visiting Freimann Square in the downtown...
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