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A Recap For A Busy Month

Exploring New Things: Writing, Food, And More!

24 February 2023
At last! Friday is here, and I am finally sharing what I’ve been up to lately! Yeesh, after two weeks, there’s a lot more to cover than I had originally planned. From writing to editing to reading...
Four Places To Find A Local Writing Group And Some Other Advice

Improve Your Writing Or Other Hobbies By Joining A Group With Like-Minded People: Here’s How To Find Them

17 February 2023
High-five! You survived another week! I mean, I hope you did more than just survive, but step one is definitely to survive it. Ok, don’t be angry! I got to thinking about last week’s post, and I c...
Five Ways A Writing Group Helps Improve Your Writing

Writing Groups Help With Brainstorming, Constructive Criticism, Mental Support, Inspiration, And Improvement Through Mimicry

10 February 2023
Hope you’re having a great Friday! This week, I debated giving an update on some of my writing, but I’m going to save that for next week. What makes me want to wait to write about that? Well, in th...
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