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Welcome to my blog, where I write about a variety of subjects, from Furry Friends and Dungeons & Dragons, to entire series like Positivity Camp.

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28 September 2017
Life’s thrown me plenty of curveballs lately. So, you know what that means…Positivity Camp is on hold until I can find the time / inspiration to finish the next t...

Positivity Camp Part XVII

09 September 2017
A new week and a new installment of Positivity Camp! That’s right, I’m sticking with the same story, so never fear! Next week though… Well, who knows what I’ll wr...

Positivity Camp Part XVI

30 August 2017
It’s been a while since new words were added to the board. This time, it isn’t Daniel who is doing the troublemaking, but is the one causing the trouble on the si...

Positivity Camp Part XV

24 August 2017
This week holds more excitement as Daniel reveals his top-secret plan for taking down Positivity Camp! Of course, he must survive the boredom of Rest Hour first ;...

Perspective & Time

18 August 2017
Time has been cruel this week. Oh, I’ve accomplished quite a lot! But not what I wanted to, hahaha. That’s how life works, I suppose. Next week will have more fro...

Ryac and the Dark Mage Part IV

09 August 2017
It seems my mind never does what I want it to do! That’s good news for Ryac fans, because the story within the journal is back! Hopefully it was worth the extra l...

Positivity Camp Part XIV

04 August 2017
This has been a crazy week for me. I finished another round of editing on my first novel, yay! Yesterday I completed the second step and found the editor I want t...

Positivity Camp Part XIII

28 July 2017
I know I’ve been switching stories, but surprise! My brain decided to focus on Positivity Camp instead. Oh, well. I’m probably the only one who’s complaining abou...

Positivity Camp Part XII

21 July 2017
It’s been a while since I’ve had the time and motivation to write. The good news? I’m very close to having my first novel sent off to an editor! It’s exciting and...

Positivity Camp Part XI

16 June 2017
Positivity Camp is back! I know, it’s only been like a week or two, but still… There’s mischief afoot, of course, as campers plot the camp’s downfall.;

Ryac and the Dark Mage Part III

09 June 2017
It’s a new week and a new ‘chapter’ is up for Ryac and the Dark Mage! This one may take place outside of ;Ryac’s world, but I just wanted to say, it wasn’t my ide...

Positivity Camp Part X

02 June 2017
Surprise!! I decided to do a double post this week! It ended so nicely, but I could hardly leave you guys with such a terrible cliff-hanger! …this time ;)

Positivity Camp Part IX

31 May 2017
Day one is almost half over as Daniel and Wendy reunite in the Dining Hall. Will they remain together, or will they be kept apart? More mischief awaits as everyon...

Ryac and the Dark Mage Part II

26 May 2017
A title has been created!! Not sure if anyone noticed or not :P I’m just going to take this moment to thank my awesome husband for helping with coming up with the...

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