18 August 2017

Perspective & Time

Written by Sarah-Maree

Time has been cruel this week. Oh, I’ve accomplished quite a lot! But not what I wanted to, hahaha. That’s how life works, I suppose. Next week will have more from Positivity Camp, but unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time / motivation to write more for this week. I did, however, work on some revisions that helped with the story's flow, and this weekend I’ll be outlining the story, which should make it easier to finish. This whole ‘pantsing it’ has been fun, but exhausting! So, for now, I hope you enjoy this little short story I wrote on the injustice of time and how it changes with perspective. Enjoy!

“Hey, Grandma!” little Zachary greeted his grandmother. Really, he wasn’t so little anymore, being ten years old and nearly as tall as his father. His grandmother began to wonder where the time had gone.

“Hello, Zach,” she greeted him, careful not to call him ‘little one’ like she used to. Her words came out harsher than she had intended. It was time she felt irritated by, not her grandson. “How has your day been? I hear you had quite the adventure!”

Zach was too excited to notice the changes in his grandmother’s mood. “Grandpa took me fishing, then we ditched our gear and went kayaking instead! The fishing was alright, but going through the rapids…amazing!! We even stopped on a shore and had a makeshift picnic before wandering around some trails. There were a few caves to explore, too! It was awesome! Then, when we were paddling back, I saw a deer!”

“That sounds wonderful!” his grandmother said absentmindedly.

“It was! I hate that I have to go back to school soon. Time is so cruel.”

“Ha!” his grandmother laughed. “It certainly is.”

“What are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?” his grandmother asked, coming out of her contemplations about the cruelty of time.

“Well, when I go back to school, what do you do? Don’t you have to go to work or something?”

Perhaps it was the goading way in which he said it, or perhaps it was her irritability toward his growing older, either way, his grandmother couldn’t resist her smug reply.

“I’m retired, sweetheart.”

Zach gave a confused, border-line suspicious look.

“I do that every day.”

Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio


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