12 May 2017

Ryac and the Dark Mage Part I

Written by Sarah-Maree

Took me a little longer than expected, but here it is! My newest short story! Or the start of it anyway ;) How to describe it? It's the tale of two twins and their transition into a new home and a journal one of them wrote about a Knight and his quest for vengeance.

"To all thy enemies, destruction and ruin."

Matt quickly closed the stolen journal and looked around cautiously. He hadn't intended to read the line out loud, but the sentence had taken him by surprise. Considering the docile nature of the journal's supposed author, he had expected to find silly girl gossip, not the line of spoken vengeance.

Now more curious than ever, Matt opened the journal again. On further inspection, he decided the journal belonged to his adopted cousin, Kyrin and not Kyrin's twin sister. The fool had likely believed a journal belonging to his spoiled sister would be safer than one belonging to him.

How wrong he was!

Matt chuckled wickedly. What a fool his cousin had been! Had it not beenhewho had melted Kyra's stupid doll? Orhewho had snuck into her room one night and put gum in her hair, enough to warrant a serious haircut? And hadhenot been the one to spread false rumors at school about her bedwetting?

He laughed again as he eyed his latest victory over the twins, the Intruders inhishome. How could his cousin be so daft as to think his journal would be safe with his sister?Nothingwas safe with Kyra.

Feeling smug, Matt scooted closer to the window of his treehouse. The treehouse had become his only place of solitude thanks to Kyrin moving into his room.

Comfortable and secure in the knowledge that no one would bother him or overhear him, so long as he kept his mouth shut, Matt opened the journal. Now that he knew the journal belonged to Kyrin, he found himself looking forward to reading it, at least, more so than reading any girly gibberish from Kyra.

"To all thy enemies, destruction and ruin," the Knight repeated the phrase, a litany against the chill of the wind and the rain. His faithful steed shifted uneasily beneath him, reminding Ryac of his own discomfort.

With a resigned sigh, Sir Ryac turned them away from the cliff edge. The fires on the peak of Arbor had long since died away. The Dark Mage had no doubt left his poorly constructed tower on the mountains peak in search of a less weather beaten location. With him likely gone, there was no need for Ryac to stand watch.

Dutifully, he turned Eastward as he sought to return to his beleagueredprincess with yet more bad news. He returned to the keep just as the last glimmer of daylight faded from the murky skies, a poor omen to an already dismal day.

Though he had news to report, Ryac had no choice but to take shelter in the stables for the night. He debated risking the kingdom wide curfew but decided against it. He knew well the tales of the Warlock who stalked the streets at night. Some of the tales were quite gruesome - unbelievably so - however, Ryac took no chances when it came to magic. The way of the sword he understood, but the dark arts...

A quiet knock on the barn door quickly brought Ryac back to the present.

And that's it so far! Hope you enjoyed it. I may do a second post next week on this story. But first, anyone have any ideas for a title? Or is it too soon to ask? Anyway, stay creative out there!

Photo Credit: Ray Bilcliff


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