21 August 2018

Positivity Camp Part XXXII

Written by Sarah-Maree

Friday is back again and I've brought a story along with it! Well, it's a continuation of a story, but that still counts, right? Regardless, here is the next chapter of Positivity Camp!

Next Friday I'll have another story about the incredibly strong but incredibly dull witted Hodor (I seriously did not name him that!), a Dungeons & Dragons short story. To learn more of what that is about, check out my blog Role-Playing Shenanigans.


Previously on Positivity Camp:Counselor Markus took House Joy’s campers back to the cabin while singing an annoying camp song. Once there, he ordered everyone to prepare to go to the bathhouse for a shower before bed.

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It felt like an hour had passed before Counselor Markus left with four younger kids to go to the bathhouse. I couldn’t imagine how it had felt for the counselor. The second he had set us all loose to gather up our bathhouse bundles, A Million Questions Kid had started in on him. I hated that I remembered cool kid Tyler’s stupid nickname for the kid, but it was appropriate.

“I think we have our distraction,” Tyler said into the quiet.

I know I jumped at the sound. Since A Million Questions Kid had left, there had been an unspoken agreement from all of us to simply enjoy the silence. Tyler had broken that silent vow. As I turned to glare at him, he gave me one of his cool kid nods, which only made me dislike him more.

“What are you talking about?” Mitchel asked.

“I think he’s talking about the plan for sneaking out of camp,” Mitchel’s friend and accomplice, Jackal replied.

“Yeah, Jiminy would make for a great distraction,” Mitchel agreed.

“I know, right! And we don’t even have to convince him to do anything!” Tyler said with another nod.

“Hey…hey…you said one of the words,” a familiar looking kid whined. I thought I recognized him and the kid above him as being the ones who had gone with me to the art barn. My suspicions were confirmed a second later as Greg’s head popped up over the railing of the top bunk.

“It’s alright Brennan,” Greg said, jumping down from his cot. “No one’s here to correct us, at least for the moment.”

“We could still get in trouble if they found out!” Brennan argued.

“Anyone here going to tell?”

“Nope,” I said, feeling more confident now that we were all finally able to talk freely without any counselors nearby to punish us. Everyone else added a negative word of their own as we all agreed not to tattle.

“So, what is this plan I’ve been hearing about?” Mitchel asked.

“We’re sneaking out of camp and heading to Tyler’s place for a bit,” I said.

“Yeah, we’re going to take the back trails to my place. I live just outside of camp. If we stay there for a bit, the camp’ll be shut down for negligence or something like that. Then we’ll all be sent home. It’s as easy as that!”

“And you’re planning on having the baby wear down Counselor Markus with questions. Then he’ll be too tired to wake up and hear us sneaking out?” Mitchel stated more than asked. “It’s not a bad idea,” he admitted.

“Anyone have snacks? We should pack them up and take them with us,” Jackal suggested.

“Flashlights too, but we’ll need those for the bathhouse first,” I suggested. “We can practice dimming them with shirts or something, so we can see enough not to trip.”

“But not enough to be seen. I like it!” Tyler added, again with nod.

“Hey, we should have someone set a timer. I want to see how long they’ve really been gone,” I added.

“I already have one going,” Greg said. “I timed Jiminy earlier to see how long it would take for the counselor to blow up on him. Turns out he can handle about half an hour of questions without losing his cool.”

“That’s creepily impressive,” I said with a shudder. I knew it had felt like forever for them to leave, but thirty minutes? “If A Million Questions Kid can talk for that long, he’s got to break him by the time Counselor Markus gets back. If it’s already past 9:30,” I paused and looked to Greg for confirmation. It took him a second to check his phone, but then he nodded, and I continued. “If that’s the case, we may be able to slip out in pairs and pretend like we’re going to the bathhouse. But if it looks like he’s going to stay up until we’re all back, we’ll take it slow and wait him out. I doubt he will though. It could be close to ten by the time he gets back.”

“I told you I had a great plan!” Tyler said, drawing everyone’s attention.

I held back a retort thinking it better to keep from having any infighting. After a quick look around I had the feeling no one else appreciated Tyler either. Or at least, Mitchel and Jackal didn’t look too pleased.

“Sounds good to me. We’ll play it by ear then,” Mitchel said. He made a point not to look in Tyler’s direction as he spoke.

“What’s that mean?” Brennan asked in his usual tiny voice. It was clear Mitchel intimidated him. Actually, it was clear that just about anything intimidated the kid.

“I’ll explain it,” Greg said, pulling Brennan aside and whispering to him.

I turned away and started practicing dulling down my flashlight.

“Oh, one last thing,” I said, turning around. “We’re hoping to meet up with one of the girl’s cabins as well. I’m not sure how well that’ll work out, but that’s the plan.”

“Couldn’t you just go back for them?” Mitchel suggested. “If we really have worn our counselor down with Jiminy or million questions guy or whatever he goes by, then we may have a head start on getting out. It could be a while if we tried waiting on them.”

“Why not get us out and then slip back in with Tyler?” Greg added. “That way some of us still get out and we still have a chance of taking down the camp.”

I found myself nodding. “I hate to leave Wendy behind, but you’re right. We may have a head start on the girls, and I can always come back in and help them escape.”

“I’ll come back with you, of course, seeing as I know the way,” Tyler said, once more adding little to the conversation.

“Then let’s get packing,” I said, doing my best not to roll my eyes as Tyler once again nodded at everyone in the one-room cabin.


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