09 August 2018

Positivity Camp Part XXXI

Written by Sarah-Maree

It’s FRIDAY!!! I know I’m excited about that! Hopefully you are having an awesome day or will be soon. This week we are back to more woe and misery at Positivity Camp as the campers are sent to their cabins without s’mores. How cruel is that?

Next week will be another random Dungeons & Dragons or D20 campaign story of great success or great failure. To learn more of what that is about, check out my blog Role-Playing Shenanigans.


Previously on Positivity Camp:Counselor Melinda creates an upset in the camp as she sings Daniel’s nein song. Counselor Petrel orders the campers to their cabins.

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It was only when we all started walking to our cabins that I realized I had never actually told anyone about my plan to wear down Counselor Markus. I might have mentioned something to Wendy, and that was well and good for her cabin, but that didn’t really help mine.

All hope of communication was lost, what with Mr. Petrel glaring at us all and all the counselors keeping dutiful attention to make sure we didn’t act up. Unless…

I searched my pockets as casually as I could. Yes! I still had a piece of paper and my pencil. They weren’t the best, but they would have to do. The sky hadn’t fully darkened yet, but it was already too dark to see the paper properly in the current lighting, so I waited until we were closer to one of the lights over the main walkway. We were a few steps away from where we needed to be when I looked around.

It was only then that I realized how depressed everyone looked. “So much for House Joy,” I muttered.

“Who said that?” Markus demanded.

I didn’t mean to look at him, but then I hadn’t expected to be heard either. Somehow, he didn’t realize I had been the one to speak, and I wasn’t about to correct him either.

“If you could refrain from speaking until we reach the cabin, campers. If you behave better tomorrow, I’m sure Mr. Petrel will bring back the s’mores and other fun activities. Until then, please behave.”

Counselor Markus’ words had the opposite effect. Instead of staying quiet, several campers groaned. Two of the more vocal ones I recognized as the troublemakers from before. I remembered Jackal’s name, but I couldn’t remember his friend’s. I did, however, remember their talk about the younger kids being like babies. If anyone could cause a disturbance and make it difficult for Counselor Markus, it would be those two.

Before I could get close to them, Counselor Markus had us stop walking. After a few seconds of silence, he had us start walking again but then stopped abruptly when someone sneezed.

The pattern, brief as it was, reminded me of a teacher at school who used to wait until we were quiet to move. She would stop walking the second we started talking. Well, that might have worked on our way to lunch or recess, but we were heading back to a long boring night in a cabin.

If we could wear Counselor Markus down before even reaching the cabin, we had a better chance of him not waking up while we escaped. So, when he started us waking again, I coughed. As expected, we immediately stopped as he heard the sound.

A few more coughs, and he realized the ploy. So when I coughed again and he kept going, I switched up my tactics.

“Uh,” I said in place of a cough.

“Campers.” Counselor Markus turned around to look at us with a stern expression. “If you continue to act like this, it will take us all night to reach the cabin.”

“But it’s dark out,” one of the younger kids whined.

“And you didn– … you did … you…” The kid gave up trying to avoid a negative word and started crying instead.

“I told you they were too young,” the baby sayer from before said.

“Yup, too young, and you forgot to have them bring a flashlight to a campfire,” Jackal said, siding with his friend.

Counselor Markus looked like he was about to lose what calm he had left. “Jackal, Mitchel, if you could set a good example for our younger campers please,” he said at last. “I suppose since staying quiet is too difficult, we should go ahead and embrace some good cheer.”

His words startled everyone, including myself. How was I supposed to break him if he caved in so quickly?!

“Now then, I believe you are all familiar with the song.” Counselor Markus jumped right into singing one of the terrible songs from the campfire.

My jaw dropped. Mitchel said something under his breath. Someone stopped crying for a moment before starting up again much much louder. None of it mattered though. None of us could stop him as our counselor began singing and singing and singing all the way to the cabin.

I really disliked Counselor Markus after that. Not only did he stop us from acting out, but he made us all move faster. None of us wanted to prolong that awful song any longer than was necessary. The terrible tune distracted me from my original goal of writing a note, which I only remembered as we were all filing into House Joy’s cramped cabin.

“Before any of you start climbing into your sleeping bags, I want you all to get your toiletries ready. Those would be your soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, towels, loofas, toothpastes, and a change of clothes. You’ll also want a flashlight. Every night, the youngest in our group will go with me to the bathhouse and shower. Then I will come back and the rest of you will go in pairs. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Counselor Markus,” we all said in disarray.

I hadn’t really thought about showering. While the idea wasn’t unpleasant, I was surprised we hadn’t heard about it sooner. Then again, we might have heard it earlier and I hadn’t listened… Either way, it did give us an opportunity to plan something without Counselor Markus in the way. Now that would have been nice to know sooner.

“Good, and if I hear any excess talking, I’ll start singing again. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Counselor Markus!!”

What was wrong with these people?!


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