26 January 2018

Positivity Camp Part XXVI

Written by Sarah-Maree

Has Daniel truly recovered from his meeting with Mr. Petrel? Did Kevin really go home? Does Wendy know Teacher's real name? Can the resitance survive the coming night? When it comes to Positivity Camp...who really kno-understands?


Previously on Positivity Camp: Counselor Melinda announced a new theme for making a song: numbers. Thanks to Camper Terry and his knowledge of the German nein, Daniel created a second ‘no’ song.

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“Well, that was just wonderful!” Counselor Melinda said, calling us all to attention. “We have just enough time for the last group and then it’ll be time for our extra amazing campfire stories down by the lake!”

That sounded exciting, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it would actually be amazing. Regardless, I kept my mouth shut. There was no need for me to ruin the counselor’s good mood.

“Now then, Brian and Katina, you’re up!”

“It’s Tina,” a girl, most likely Katina, said as she stood up.

“Oh…uh, right. Tina and Brian, you’re up!”

I had to hand it to Counselor Melinda, she still somehow managed to sound just as cheerful the second time.

As Brian stood, I had to take a second look. It took me a second, but then I remembered him from the Toe Wars earlier. Then I remembered that he had been banished from Wendy’s group for my bad behavior and I couldn’t help but feel some guilt for that. Of course, I had also been the reason he had been forced to ‘watch’ Nurse Pamela’s stupid video too. Oh, and I was the reason why he had to endure another round of Teacher and Counselor Melinda.

My guilt only increased as Brian and Tina made their way up the steps to stand in front of everyone. Neither of them looked terribly enthused. Brian held up his clipboard and looked at it…and looked at it. It was awful.

“Uh,” Brian began slowly, “our song is about the number forty-two.”

“Sort of,” Tina said rather grumpily.

“Sooooo, here it goes,” Brian continued, dragging his words out as though to stall long enough to avoid going. But it was no use. “Forty-two. Yeah,” Brian sang…sort of.

“Forty-two, yeah,” Tina huffed.

“It’s a great number,” Brian continued, his face going red.

“Yup, a wonderful number.” Tina refused to make eye contact.

“A number that rhymes with two.”

“Just as the ends of each line rhyme too,” Tina said, finishing the painful song.

Had all the songs been this bad? I wondered guiltily.

“That was lovely!” Counselor Melinda said, sounding a little less cheerful than usual. “Well! That wraps up our song creation!

“Just for the record,” Tina said, hands on her hips, “he wanted to talk about some silly book, but couldn-now actually had trou-ime…” She took a quick breath. “He had a time finding a word to rhyme with galaxy.”

“I came up with smalaxy,” Brian said softly.

“That’s very clever, and I’m sure you could have come up with something if you’d had more time,” Counselor Melinda said kindly.

“Proxy rhymes with galaxy!” Someone shouted out.

“Alright, Campers! That’s enough for now. We have a campfire to get to with stories and songs!”

I stood and noticed a few others standing as well. The sun was getting lower, but I couldn’t tell if it would be dark enough to even enjoy the fire. Maybe the counselors would take so long, it would be dark enough…I hoped so anyway.

Someone bumped me as I was making my way up the dirt and log stairs.

“Pssst,” they hissed. “What happened to Kevin?”

“Yeah,” someone else said, bumping into me from the other side. “You nev-ember…” The guy stopped talking as he fumbled whatever it was he had been trying to say.

“Kevin’s fine,” I said, somewhat surprised by the question.

“Yeah, but do you really think they’ll send him home?” “Did they send him home?” “What if he’s actually stuck here in some crazy place.” “You mean some crazier place.”“Did that girl really know Teacher’s name?”“Anyone know where we’re going?”“What’s her name again?”

Everyone was talking at once and more people from the group crowded around. It was difficult to think clearly.

“I’m pretty sure Kevin’s going home,” I said quickly. “I saw his luggage on the golf cart as I passed by on my way to the dining hall,” I rushed on. While I couldn’t quite remember too much of that walk, I was fairly confident I had seen his luggage. Part of me wanted to share more about my time with Mr. Petrel and even how Kevin was doing, but I felt worn down. Too many more strikes and I’d be the one stuck here forever. Besides, as I looked around at the other kids in my group, I couldn’t help but remember how they had turned their back on me and Counselor Kimberly. I wanted the camp shut down, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be all that friendly with people who had left me to face my punishment with Mr. Petrel.

“That’s a relief!” "Her name was Wendy, you dolt!" “But what if–” The group's questions were interrupted as one of the guys shouted above the rest, “Seriously, where are we going?!”

Apparently it was loud enough for Counselor Melinda to hear because she happily answered the question, though she was a good distance behind us. “You’ll want to take the path to the right that leads away from the Dining Hall. Follow the stairs down to the volleyball court. Take a left and you should see the benches, stage, and fire!”

“That was oddly detailed,” Tina said as she materialized beside me.

“Fire means s’mores!” Someone else shouted behind me.

“They took away s’more privileges at dinner, remember Chelsea!” her friend said rather snootily.

I remembered the pair from earlier, but I couldn’t remember how exactly.

“Well it was someone else’s fault! So go blame them and leave me out of it, Macey!” Chelsea sneered.

This wasn’t going well, and I definitely had a feeling of déjá vu!

“Wendy was the one who did it,” Tina said.

I shot her a dark look.

“What?” She looked surprised, and I tried to let it go. “I only said she did it, besides she–”

“It’s more than you’ve done, more than any of you have done,” I said bitterly.

Someone barreled into me, ending the conversation. I was about to push whoever it was back, but when I turned around, she’d already fallen and had started crying. When I looked up, Chelsea and Macey were…slap hitting? Well, they were slapping at each other, but they also appeared to be trying to hit or push as well. Whatever it was, it was a disaster.

“Children, children! There will be s’mores some other night! The future will be better, you’ll see!” Counselor Melinda said as she caught up to us and gently forced the two girls apart before helping the weeping one up. “Besides, it’s such a lovely night for theater, and down by the beach too! Who wants to sing with me as we walk? Oh! We could sing The Wheels on the Bus!”

Several of us groaned in disapproval, myself included. Counselor Melinda broke out in song anyway, her voice and presence made it difficult for any further conversation. As I looked around, I surprised to see that no one was making eye contact or even attempting to talk. Well, I was and I wasn’t surprised. This place was destroying us along with Counselor Melinda’s song. We were fighting each other when we needed to be banning together.

What was this camp doing to us?


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