01 December 2017

Positivity Camp Part XVIII

Written by Sarah-Maree

It’s been a while, but NaNoWriMo is over and the first of many Positivity Camp chapters is up! Now who’s ready for more mischief at camp?


Previously on Positivity Camp:A kid with a million questions pesters Counselor Markus, giving Tyler and Daniel time to talk. Tyler tells Daniel he has a plan to get a cabin full of campers out of the camp later that night and thus cause the shutdown of the camp.

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“So, what exactly do you plan to do? I mean, how late are we talking here?” I asked Tyler as I tried to gauge the likelihood of us pulling off his plan.

“How late for what?” Tyler asked in his infuriatingly clueless way.

“How late do we have to stay up to get a cabin of kids out of camp?”

“Oh! That part of the plan!”

“Quiet, you fool!” I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but everyone looked too involved in their own group chats. No one was doing any cleaning up.

“Oh, right…”

I gave Tyler a cold look.

“So, yeah. Late. It’ll be late.”

“How late?”

“Um…when the councilors fall asleep? Or just Councilor Markus. That late.” He gave a stupid grin as he finished talking, as though he’d given the best response ever rather.

I seriously began to lose interest. While Tyler continued to look proud of himself, my eyes roamed about as I searched for the canoe kid. If anyone had anything interesting to say or do, it would be him!

“Alright! So it’s settled then!”

“What is?” I turned my attention hesitantly back to Tyler.

“We’ll wait till late tonight, sneak out with our cabin, free some others, take the trail back to my place, and wait for the camp to close!”

“Uh…” When had I actually agreed to do any of this?!

“But there’s something I need you to do first. Can you tell the girls and anyone else you see? I’ve got to go get things ready, you know, make sure the trail is marked and stuff.”

“…make sure the trail is marked?” I asked, bemused by the stupidity of the statement. “Wait, you do know how to get to your house, right?”

“No! Why don’t you pick it up! This is so lame! The councilors should be the one picking up camp, not us!”

“What?” I took a step back as the idiot suddenly began yelling loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this,” Tyler said so only I could hear him. Then he winked at me.

I looked around to see if anyone else understood what was going on. There were dropped jaws and wide eyes all around. Even Councilor Markus’ snapped to attention. It was then that I suddenly translated what Tyler had said.

“What are you doing?!” I shouted at him. How could he be so stupid as to start spouting forbidden words?!

He answered with another more elaborate wink.

“What is your name?!” Councilor Markus demanded as he approached us. “Those were forbidden words you just used! I would have expected such behavior from Daniel, but you…”

“Thanks,” I muttered dryly.

“The name’s Tyler.” Tyler gave one of his cool kid nods.

“Well, Tyler, you’ve just earned yourself a visit to Councilor Pamela.”

“Do you mean Nurse Pam?” the question kid chimed in. Apparently, he had followed Councilor Markus and wasn’t about to let up on his million questions either. “Hey, you do remember she left for the day, right? I’m pretty sure she left anyway. She did leave, right? So how can he go see the lady if she’s gone?”

“Brilliant!” Councilor Markus exclaimed suddenly.

We all stared as the poor guy finally lost it.

He cleared his throat before continuing, “Yes, I am aware she has left for the day. Thank you for reminding me, Jiminy. Would you be so good as to escort Tyler to Teacher for me?”

“Are you sure you want me to do it?”

“Yes! Ahem…yes. As you are able to remember things so well, I think it best that it be you who goes.”

“Fine by me,” Tyler chimed in.

Councilor Markus gave him a dark look, but one sideways glance at Jiminy had him shutting his mouth shut. The councilor really wanted Jiminy gone.

Tyler shot me another ‘covert’ wink.

I tried not to look annoyed as he introduced himself to Jiminy, to which Jiminy immediately spouted off another round of questions.

“You can talk on your way to the Art Barn!” Councilor Markus said. He grabbed Tyler by the shoulder and spun Jiminy around. He gave both a gentle push to get them moving. Not that Tyler needed any motivation. Jiminy, however, probably would have stayed had there not been a push in the right direction.

Councilor Markus checked the time. From the grumble, I could tell not much time had passed. He shot me a look, and I did my best to look busy. I failed miserably as I stared up at the branches of a tree.

“Trash is on the ground, Daniel,” Markus reminded me with a sour look.

I would have kept my peace, but he just had to push me!

“Hey, Jiminy!” I called out. “Wait up a sec!” Jiminy stopped and turned around.

I looked at Markus. Markus looked at me. I raised an eyebrow, just like I had seen in the movies, daring the councilor to push me. One forbidden word and there would be no need for Jiminy to escort Tyler, because I would end up taking his place. It took only a second for Councilor Markus’ eyes to narrow as he understood what I was hinting at.

“Touché,” he conceded with a slight nod of his head. Then he turned away and let the subject drop.

“False alarm, Jiminy!” I shouted back. I might have pressed the issue, but Jiminy would eventually be out of range, and I didn’t need another councilor against me, at least not any more than he already was. Plus, I had no desire to go see Teacher again.


“Sorry!” I wasn’t sorry.

With Tyler gone and my litter bag empty, I decided to kill time looking more thoroughly for the canoe kid. Being as discrete as possible, I wandered around and looked at the ground. I was pretending to look for trash and kept my eyes on the ground as much as possible, but I did look up every now and again to see if I could spot the kid I was looking for.

No such luck. I debated heading over to the shack and just casually walk behind it before making my way to the other end of the beach where all the canoes were, but Councilor Markus kept staring in my direction. Most kids had wandered off too much for me to easily join a group or to have someone distract him enough for me to go exploring.

If it hadn’t been for Tyler, I realized, I could have slipped away sooner. With Jiminy there, any of us could have done anything! Instead, we had wasted time on a stupid plan! Well, if his plan failed, as I suspected it would, I still had a back up plan. I could still strip down the signs on the cabins and hide all of Teacher’s signs, or maybe just the thing he used to make them?

Regardless, I found myself disliking Tyler more and more.


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