24 August 2017

Positivity Camp Part XV

Written by Sarah-Maree

This week holds more excitement as Daniel reveals his top-secret plan for taking down Positivity Camp! Of course, he must survive the boredom of Rest Hour first ;) Don’t forget, this is only Day 1. Daniel still has two more days to go after this!


Previously on Positivity Camp:Daniel decides the camp must be shut down and the best way to communicate would be to write during a siesta period and spread the news after. Daniel happily recognizes that cool kid Tyler is in his cabin.

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Rest hour dragged on painfully. I already had my plan more or less worked out. I just needed to wait for nightfall, sneak out of the cabin with a false bathroom break, make my way to the Art Barn, and destroy or hide all of Teacher’s stupid wood plaques. Without those he wouldn’t be able to make more of those stupid forbidding signs.

Phase two involved causing problems at breakfast. If there was one thing I had learned from school it was that kids woke up faster and far more energized than adults. With all the constraints they put on us, I had little doubt that together we could overwhelm the councilors. If we could tip the balance, we stood a chance! Besides, without the ability to make more signs, and being less than awake, there was no way they could keep up with us!

Phase three, while equally epic, was more of a wish list than an actual plan. It involved taking back the camp and returning it to its former fun filled glory! The signs above the cabins had to go, then there was the climbing rock tower, and who knew what else there was to reclaim? The kayaks and canoes by the beach, maybe?

Still, rest hour dragged on. Even our councilor felt the time lag as he kept looking at his phone and tapping his foot. I thought about pulling my phone out, but my parents had taken it away before ditching me. Wendy still had hers, I remembered then. However, that did little to help me relieve my boredom now.

Laying there, I began to wonder what was next on the schedule. The whole camp was rather confusing. We each had our own cabin group, but then we had a group section we met with in the morning and stayed with for the day. I’d have argued against that, but then I never would have met Wendy or any of the girls for that matter.

As I stared at the etchings above me, I suddenly remembered the schedule in my pocket. I pulled out the paper and rolled over as I tried to find the right angle so I could read it in the dim light.

Day 1
Group C Schedule

7-7:50Settling in
8-8:50Councilor Dave – Team building / Camp Introduction / Sorting
9-9:50Counscior Melinda – Music
10-10:50Counscior Tammy – Field Games
11-11:50Councilor Teacher – Art Barn
1-2Rest Hour – House Joy
2-2:50Councilor Markus – House Joy & Camp Clean Up Councilor
3-3:50 Councilor Nathan – Creature Feature
4-4:50 Councilor Delilah – Stress Relief / Yoga
6-6:50Councilor Kimberly – Nature Walk
7-7:50Camp Fire Stories
8-8:50Councilor Lenel & Councilor Melinda – Camp Fire Songs
9 Lights Out
9-8am Sleep

When my eyes came to Teacher’s title, I snickered to myself. The sound awarded me another warning from – I looked at my schedule and found his name – Councilor Markus. Apparently, his schedule remained the same for me too. From the looks of it, he would also be our Camp Clean up Councilor. I hated to think what that activity would entail.

“Looks like I get to find out,” I grumbled as a twinkling sound, no doubt some positively cheerful alarm, went off on Counscilor Markus’ phone. Rest hour was over.


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