04 August 2017

Positivity Camp Part XIV

Written by Sarah-Maree

This has been a crazy week for me. I finished another round of editing on my first novel, yay! Yesterday I completed the second step and found the editor I want to work with (I've removed the editor's name as they the 'work' done was a joke)! It’s so exciting! I just had to share :D Alright, enough about me. Time for more mischief and mayhem from Positivity Camp!


Previously on Positivity Camp:Counselor Dave breaks down as a fight breaks out and Mr. Petrel arrives. Daniel works to memorize the list of Forbidden Words before they head to the cabins for a siesta.

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When we reached the cabins, Mr. Petrel sent the girls down a different path. The girls broke up into smaller groups as they went to the cabin they had been assigned to. Before I could dwell on the significance of that, Mr. Petrel had us separating into our own respective buildings.

Up until that moment, I had no idea who shared a cabin with me. No one had said anything about belonging to House Joy,and I didn't blame them. No one joined me as I walked to my cabin. As I passed under the sign with the cabin’s name on it, I couldn’t help but resent it. If I had to stay at a camp this stupid, I at least figured they would have better names for their buildings.

With my eyes focused on the ridiculous name, I noticed something odd about the sign. Before I could be caught gawking, I rushed inside. Worried my expression might give me away, I focused on my anger on having such a lame cabin name.

“Welcome, camper,” someone said quietly from somewhere in the dark recesses of the cabin. “Please make your way to your bunk. There are forty-seven minutes left of our siesta. You may nap if you like, we just ask that you stay quiet.”

“Ok.” I was immediately shushed, but I didn’t care. My mind was too focused on the newest discovery to care about being shushed.

I kicked off my shoes and collapsed on the rolled out sleeping bag on my bed. My thoughts were too chaotic for me to have more than a few seconds of envy for the person who had claimed the top bunk. There were so many things to think about! I barely even registered that someone else walked into the cabin.

The bright light illuminated the space long enough for me to make out the carved names and messages on the wooden board above my bed. I stared at it, my mind too awake and too strung out to make out anything useful.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I needed to calm down, to think, to formulate a plan. After a few calming breaths, my mind was calm enough for me to start thinking clearly again. My thoughts immediately went back to the most recent thing I had seen, the cabin name.

The sign for House Joy had beenhung onthe building, and it had the same style of writing as the signs outside of camp. That wasn’t even the best part! I had seen a board behind the false sign. It had to be a name plaque! If given the chance, I was going to find a way to tear the fake name down. Anything sounded better than House Joy.

Someone’s bed creaked and the unknown counselor asked them to remain quiet. The sound drew me out of my thoughts and sent me on a whole new tangent.

Even if everyone kept using words with ‘negative’ meanings, eventually we would run out of words to use. True, we only had three days, but then some other group of campers would be stuck with our revised list. Who knew how long a resistance like that could survive. Something else had to be done. The camp had to be shut down, not changed.

A resistance.

There were others invested in the cause now. I looked around at the others in my cabin, or at least I tried to. Without the lights on, it was difficult to make out many details. There were curtains over the windows too, no doubt to help us have a restful siesta. Someone was writing a letter to their parents, at least it looked like that was what they were doing.

A letter?! We could write during a siesta!! That meant we could pass more messages along, ones more elaborate than three words, too. I didn’t have anything like that with me, or at least not easily accessible. I didn’t feel like being shushed again for riffling through my stuff.

Still, there was hope! Now we just had to be able to communicate and act as a group. Then it hit me, the girls had all gone off to separate cabins, but like us, they had split off further as they went to a specific cabin.

“Bingo,” I said softly as yet one more thing clicked into place.

“Quiet, please,” the counselor warned me softly.

I scowled at the counselor for a moment, but then my eyes met a familiar face. The kid winked and I grinned. Before anyone could notice the exchange, I went back to staring back at the bottom of the bed above me.

We had our method of communication, a way to disperse and spread the news to everyone, time to do it, and Tyler, our expert on the layout of the camp, was in my cabin. The counselors didn’t stand a chance!

Now all we had to do was cause enough chaos for me to initiate my vengeful plan against Teacher, and I had plenty of time to think of a way to do just that.


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