28 July 2017

Positivity Camp Part XIII

Written by Sarah-Maree

I know I’ve been switching stories, but surprise! My brain decided to focus on Positivity Camp instead. Oh, well. I’m probably the only one who’s complaining about that, and the only one that noticed, too XD


Previously on Positivity Camp:Counselor Dave has become more unrealistically happy than Daniel remembered. As the group reads the forbidden words outside of camp, Daniel spreads word to the other campers, telling them to do the opposite of what the rules say to do.

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“Alright, Campers! We’re off to the cabins for a siesta!” Dave announced suddenly, no doubt as he fought to stay in charge.

“But Macey’s in my spot!” Chelsea continued to argue.

“It’s mine!” Macey retorted.

“Why are you letting her get away with this?” Chelsea turned on Dave. It was awesome!

Dave had been about to speak, but the question took him completely off guard. “Uh, let’s form a line, campers.” His voice lacked sufficient command to make anyone move, and I noted that he sounded far less chipper than usual.

“You are taking her side!” Chelsea whined.

“Ha! I told you that this is my spot!”

“Ladies. Ladies, please!”

“What? You’re switching to her side now?!” Macey stomped her foot angrily.

“Ha! It’s only fair! I’m the one who’s right!”


Chipper Dave was crumbling beautifully, and I wasn’t even doing anything.

“What?” they demanded in unison.

“Mrs. Parker will settle the debate back at the cabins,” Dave informed them calmly.

I frowned. It figured he would find a way to shift the task to someone else. That wasn’t fair. I decided to join in on the fun. Unfortunately, Dave cut me off before I could.

“Please, campers. Get in the line so we can have some super-awesome-fun rest time!”

Dave’s cheerfulness was returning, I had to act fast! “How are supposed to get in line when their spots are mixed up?” I asked as innocently as I could.

“Yeah! And how come the new kid gets to be first in line?” One of the guys chimed in.

“Campers, …” Dave began.

“Wait, why is he first?”

“…spots are…”

“He took my spot!”

“…liable to change.” Dave could barely be heard over the sudden uproar or protest.

“You said the number one spot was for good campers!”

“Yeah, and that other kid took mine, too!”

“I thought I was your number one?” a new voice moaned piteously.

“Where am I supposed to go again?” some goody goody two shoes asked, sounding sincerely concerned. He and I were going to have a talk later. There could be no sympathy in the resistance!

Someone started crying.

“You made Michelle cry!”

“Well, Chelsea pushed me into her! It’s her fault!”

“Campers, …”

“You pushed me first!”


“She should have dodged!”

“…is forbidden. Campers?”

“That does it! You’re both getting pushed!”

“Campers! Get in a line, NOW!”

Cheerful Dave died that day. The best part though, the poor guy didn’t even know how bad he had it. Not until a new voice joined the fray.

“Counselor, Dave. What seems to be the matter here?”

The look of pure terror as Dave heard Mr. Petrel’s voice was almost enough to make me feel bad for him.

“Uh… Mr. Petrel. You see…uh.”

“Yes, I can see you have your hands full. Perhaps it would be best if you took a break in the nurse’s station.”

“Oh, well. Sir, really. I’m alright.”

“Are you? You seem tired. Go and rest up.” Mr. Petrel guided Dave away from our deathly silent group.

“Now children,” he said, turning back to us as dazed Dave kept walking. “I shall be accompanying you to your cabins. If you could form two lines, one with the ladies and the other with the gentlemen.”

“In what order?” a brave soul asked.

“In any order,” the coldness of the words silenced any further objections.

It took me a moment to realize it, but there was silence all around. I looked around for the person who had been crying, Michelle or something, but there was just silence. Well, silence and obedience. We were all quietly forming our lines.

“Very good, children. Now then, let’s keep this atmosphere as we make our way to the cabins. If we hurry, you may even have time for a proper siesta. Is that understood?”

There were varying affirmative replies. Luckily, he didn’t make any of us repeat our lackluster responses.

“Excellent. Off we go then.”

I paused to look back at the words etched on the boards outside of camp. There were more signs now, I noted with a barely concealed grin. As I passed under the signs, I committed the new and the old to memory.

No, not and any contraction thereof, the prefix un-, less than, bad, nasty, awful, terrible, worse, hate, worthless, never, cusswords of any kind, derogatory words such as dump, stupid, idiot, etc.

defective, abhorrent, vile, egregious, wicked, execrable, negativity, deplorable, ya-hoo, disturbed, annoyed, naughty, indifferent, embattled, loathe

bitter, negative, disappointed

The verb “to know” - in its present tense - shall be replaced by the verb “to understand”


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