31 May 2017

Positivity Camp Part IX

Written by Sarah-Maree

Day one is almost half over as Daniel and Wendy reunite in the Dining Hall. Will they remain together, or will they be kept apart? More mischief awaits as everyone gathers for their first meal at Positivity Camp!


Previously on Positivity Camp:Daniel confronts the camp nurse on her confusing name but to no avail. Daniel and his fellow camper Brian are forced to watch the punishment video.

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“I hope you learned what Positivity Camp is really about…This time around,” Nurse Pamela said sweetly as she reentered the room. I looked up in time to see that the video had stopped playing. Somehow, she hadn't noticed that Brian and I had been staring at his toes for the past forty-five minutes.

Brian and I exchanged quick glances. All I remembered was his feet and the Toe Wars, as I now called it. A moment of understanding passed between us, and we both kept quiet.

“Excellent,” Nurse Pamela said triumphantly. She looked down at her watch (what was it with adults and their watches?). “Seems like we wrapped this up at a perfect time!” She practically beamed at us, she was so pleased with herself; it sent chills down my spine. She was not the crazy nurse from before! She was still crazy, but on a whole different level, like she had taken some sort of Happy Pill.

“Do you two know the way to the Dining Hall?” she asked, still smiling.

“I know where it is!” The lie came out in a rush, but I couldn’t risk Brian speaking. I wanted out of there before anything else crazy could happen.

“Oh, excellent! Excellent! Off you go then.” She opened the door for us, as she began humming a tune to herself.

I made sure to keep my head down. Something was decidedly different about Nurse Pamela, and I had no desire to stick around to find out what it was.

“Was the video positively amazing?!” Counselor Emily asked in greeting. She smiled her false smile as she met us at the bottom of the steps.

“You win. Bye!” I replied quickly. There was no way she was going to get me to stay a moment longer around the nurse’s office. Not with Nurse Pamela acting all…well, creepier than usual.

“But…you! UGH! This is far from over!” Counselor Emily shouted as we rushed past her.

“What’s her problem?” Brian asked.

“She’s probably lost her mind, same as Nurse Pamela,” I said absentmindedly. There was a sign post ahead that I was trying to make out. With any luck, it would have directions to the Dining Hall. Despite the rush I felt in being free again, I did feel a bit weak from hunger. The sooner we made it to the hall, the sooner I could eat and start plotting again.

“I bet you they’re both crazy. I mean, they have to stay there and watch us every time someone gets in trouble, right?”

“Mhm,” I answered, somewhat annoyed. Of all the times to start talking, Brian chose this moment. Not that it mattered too much, the sign did in fact have an arrow pointing to the Dining Hall. I took the lead as Brian kept talking.

“That means they listen to the video, probably a lot! I bet you that’s why they are so crazy. Each time someone misbehaves, they get punished too!”

“Haha, that’s awesome!” I said, suddenly following Brian’s logic. No wonder the two were going crazy!

“I bet Wendy and I can break them before the video breaks us.”

Brian gasped. “That’s brilliant! But what will that accomplish exactly?”

“Not really sure,” I said, frowning. “I mean, the rules need to be changed.” I paused to think. “I’ve got it! If we can break those two, there won-ll…ahem…there will be fewer people left to enforce the punishment for rule breaking.”

“Ooooh, that is brilliant! Can I help? I think the rules…are…”

“Limiting us?” I supplied for him.

“Yeah,” Brian said appreciatively.

We reached the Dining Hall then only to find it relatively empty. There was one group of campers along with their Counselor, but I didn’t recognize anyone.

“Where do we sit?” Brian whispered.

I looked around. There was no way to tell where Wendy’s group would be sitting. There were ten long tables, one of which was full. Plus, there was a slightly smaller table at the back of the room with chairs only on one side, no doubt meant for the Counselors to sit at.

“I see you two are on time, for once.”

Teacher’s cold voice startled me into jumping. I turned in time to see him at the head of my old group. Everyone looked drained and miserable. No one seemed to want to make eye contact. I hated to think that they had a worse time with Teacher than either Brian or I had with the video.

“Third table from the back, children. Take the half closest to the patio doors,” Teacher coldly ordered. In silence and at a painfully slow pace, my former group walked around Teacher to the designated table. “You two,” he said suddenly addressing the two of us, “may join them. I would strongly suggest you mind your manners lest you end up dining with me.”

I swallowed hard. There was no way I would survive such a stressful and no doubt boring meal with Teacher! Had he given that threat to everyone? If he had, that would certainly have explained their deadpan expressions. No one, not even Wendy or myself, would have risked such a terrible punishment!

“Yes, sir,” Brian said in wide-eyed panic. I merely nodded, my throat too tight to utter a reply.

“Good.” Teacher turned, as he did so his hands swung around his sides until they were clasped in their customary position behind his back. I hated the way I noticed that, but it was such a visual thing that I couldn’t help but watch.

Some other group came rushing in then. Kids were screaming and yelling as they ran to their assigned tables. Clearly, they had not seen Teacher or they would have been much quieter. As it was, they earned a disapproving frown from the man before he continued on his way to the head table.

“He scares me.” Brian spoke so softly, I almost didn’t hear him over the noise of the other campers.

“Yeah,” I agreed, finding my voice at last.

“Do you think you can break him too?”

I gave Brian a panicked look. Break Teacher? I wasn’t even sure it could be done. “Let’s just meet up with our group,” I said instead.


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