19 May 2017

Positivity Camp Part VIII

Written by Sarah-Maree

There’s a NEW Positivity Camp up! Just a heads up, I added a little bit to Part III about the Nurse and her name. Basically, her nametag said Pam, but she went by Pamela. Adding that helped me build this scene a little :) Anyway! Hope you enjoy this next part as Daniel struggles to accept his punishment.


Previously on Positivity Camp:The terrifying counselor known only as Teacher makes life miserable in the Art Barn. Daniel slips up and says a forbidden word. He is sent to the Nurse’s Station while Wendy is left behind to face a different punishment.

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“So sad to see you back here again, and so soon.” That smug look on Counselor Emily’s face had to go. I debated glaring at her, but decided to keep quiet instead. “Did you run into trouble with Teacher?”

That did it!

“Trouble’s a strong word, but I suppose I can see what you mean. He is troublesome. I’ll let him know you said that next time I see him.” Now I was the one smirking. My grin only widened as the kid next to me let out a whistle of approval.

“You-I-that’s…but…and,” Emily sputtered as we passed her and went up the steps to the nurse’s station. She was still talking when the door closed behind us, ending whatever rebuttal she might have had. It was a small victory, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I didn’t get to enjoy it for too long; however, because Nurse (or Psychiatrist) Pamela (or Pam) was inside waiting for us, or rather, she was waiting for me.

“Back again so soon?” She looked genuinely perplexed.

“Yeah, Teacher insulted my art, and I slipped up. Guess being…bitter…” I cringed at my poor word choice, but there was little help for it. “…makes for a bitter response,” I finished lamely. I would have used ‘negative’ instead, but couldn’t remember if it was on the board or not. No, I thought after a quick mental recap, ‘negative’ wasn’t on the board, but negativity was. I was fairly confident of that, considering it was one of the words Wendy had used against Counselor Dave. It was too late to change my word choice now, so I decided to save the word for some later use.

“You’re walking a fine line, young man,” she warned.

I stared at her for a moment, then at her name-tag. It was bothering me that she had introduced herself as Pamela, but her name-tag still read Pam. I had to know the truth! Besides, what was there to lose in asking?

“Are you a nurse or a psychiatrist? Is your name Pam or Pamela?”


“I keep hearing you called both a nurse and a psychiatrist, and you said your name is Pamela, but your name-tag says Pam. So which is it?”

She sighed before giving me a long unreadable look. “Just call me Nurse Pamela.”

Gah! She was so frustrating! Just like this camp. Suddenly, something clicked in my head, and before I could stop myself, I spoke. “You’re the epitome of what is wrong with this camp.”

“Excuse me?” She asked, her bent nose crinkling with her confusion.

“Confusing,” I said. “You’re probably both a nurse and a psychiatrist–”

“Young man.”

“–and your name is both Pam and Pamela.”

“Young man!”

“You’re just like the words! The positive ones can be negative, and the negative ones can be positive!” I really hoped that I was right about ‘negative’ not being a forbidden word.

Young man!


“You will take a seat. Now! I had thought you would have grown up and learned your lesson the first time. I am sorely disappointed in you.”

“Wow,” I said slowly.

Nurse Pamela raised her chin and looked at me down her crooked nose.

“That was so negative.”

Nurse Pamela’s jaw dropped and her shoulders slumped. “That word,” she said slowly, “is forbidden.”

“Is it? You may want to check the board again,” I said before turning away and sitting down in the same chair I had sat in earlier that day. The chair next to me remained empty, a clear reminder of what my blunder with Teacher had cost me. Not that it mattered. Teacher had said there were orders to have Wendy and I separated. It had only been a matter of time. Fools. We could cause double the trouble separated!

“I will be checking the board,” Nurse Pamela declared. “You! What’s your name?”

I turned to look at the poor kid who had escorted me to my punishment. He hadn’t said a word on the way over, and now he had Nurse Pamela’s full attention. I hoped he could sit outside and watch the grass grow instead of watching the video. Anything was preferable to the video. I should have known better.

“It’s Brian.”

“Well, take a seat Brian.”

There was a moment of tense silence as Nurse Pamela stared Brian down. Poor kid.

“Yes, ma’am,” Brian said as he dragged his feet over to the empty chair. It screeched as he slumped into it. He looked miserable as he stared at his sandals. It was so melodramatic, I almost laughed.

“You will both watch the video!” Nurse Pamela hit play and left the room.

Brian watched his feet the whole time. I’m pretty sure he had some inner dialogue going on between his toes. I imagined his feet were at war and his toes were soldiers. It was awesome. Neither of us even noticed the video playing in the background.


Hope you enjoyed this latest chapter of mischief! Next week will be more tales from the adventures of Ryac and the Dark Mage!

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