31 March 2017

Positivity Camp Part VI

Written by Sarah-Maree

As promised, here's more of Positivity Camp! Will Daniel and Wendy figure out the mystery of their group's even number? Or will the Counselors and their foolish rules interfere yet again?


Previously on Positivity Camp:Once at the kickball field, the campers must wait their turn to play kickball. They wait by the rock tower and Kayla disappears from the group and another is missing as well.

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Playing kickball turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be. While the game was fun, the situation was not as it kept us all separated and unable to talk. Even when the teams switched positions and my group moved in for our turn to score points, there was no way to talk, not with Coach Tammy looming nearby. She was constantly staring at either Wendy or me but only when she wasn’t barking orders at other people.

Just when I had given up all hope of doing anything other than kickball, Coach Tammy’s radio went off. Her name was repeated several times before she grumbled and stormed off the field.

“What’s that about?” the kid next to me asked.

“Wish I knew,” I responded back.

“Do you think-?”

I shushed him harshly. I couldn’t hear what was being said with him talking in my ear.

“What?! Repeat again. Over,” Coach Tammy shouted into her radio.

“What’s going on?” someone else asked.

I looked around me. No one was playing kickball anymore. Even the other team had started running in to find out what was going on. I guess we were all curious to know, and we were too curious to care about the consequences either. At least my team was supposed to be where we were, but Wendy was on the other team. I frowned, but kept listening despite my concerns.

“Repeat again. Over.” There was a pause and some garbled static that I doubted anyone around me could understand. “Are you sure?! Over.” Coach had her back to us as she continued shouting her questions.

Without warning, Coach Tammy slammed the radio back into its holster at her hip and whirled around. There were several gasps as we were all caught off guard by the action.

“Listening in, are we?” Her tone was cold as she gave us all a level look. “That saves me some time then. You are all to go immediately to the Art Barn.” Coach paused as she looked at her watch. “Our time was up four minutes ago, so you are all late. I suggest you hurry. Some of us find tardiness… Oh, never mind. Off with you! Now!”

There were a few chuckles as several of us realized that Coach Tammy, a real stickler for being on time, had made us late thanks to her broken watch.

“Hey!” her voice called out as a few in the group started to take off. “The barn is that way.” She pointed at a hill on the other side of the field. “Up the hill is a path. Take that to the left and you’ll be at the Art Barn. You have two minutes. Go!”

“Two minutes?!” the kid in front of me groaned as I sprinted past him.

“Who uses watches anymore?” someone else snickered as they too started running. The comment had a few laughing, but most of us concentrated on running.

MOVE!” The command sounded like a thunderclap, but it had the desired effect as it forced the rest of the group into a run.

As soon as I cleared the field and made it to the path, I stopped running. Several others stopped with me. The trees and bushes gave us enough cover from Coach Tammy, but when I looked back to see where she was, the field was empty of all but a few stragglers from our group. (story by Sarah Maree)

“Where…where’d she go?” I asked in a rush as I caught my breath.

“I…I…oh who cares?” Wendy sounded as out of breath as I felt.

“We…we’ll be late,” Meliah said from her spot next to Wendy.

“Technically,” I said, my breathing finally under control, “we're already late.”

“He’s right. We may as well catch our breath,” Wendy added.

“What…what do…do you think…happened…to…to Kayla?” Abigail asked in her halting speech.

I honestly couldn’t tell if she were still being shy or if the run had stolen her breath too. Regardless, she still wouldn’t look at anyone when she spoke.

“I’m sure...I’m sure she’s fine.” Meliah smiled as she spoke. “She and whoever went with her.”

“Yeah, but we may have trouble if we…are later than expected,” I warned them.

“Right, let’s move.” Wendy started us all off at a brisk pace down the path.

We were only a few minutes late to the barn. Before we entered, Abigail spoke again. Apparently, she had been trying to say something, but had been too shy. Figures.


“What is it? We really ought to go in.” Meliah looked around.

Several of us, Wendy included, had stopped to hear what the shy girl had to say. Some of us obviously didn’t care about getting in trouble.

“I…it’s…I…I thought…I thought we gained a new member,” Abigail said, biting her lip in concern.

I looked around to make sure I was not the only one stunned and was happy to see several others looking confused and a bit concerned.

“Abigail, who’s the new kid? Who joined us?” Wendy asked quickly.

“You’re late, children!”

We turned to see the art counselor watching us from the doorway of the barn.

“You can call me, Teacher. Now off to your seats. There are a few empty stools left. Tardiness is very rude, as is talking when there are things to be done,” with that said, he waved at us to enter the barn.


“Enough,” Teacher said with a frown. “Talking is prohibited until your work is done. Is that understood children?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said quickly. At the same moment, I felt Wendy’s elbow in my ribs. She had tried to warn me, but sadly it had come too late. A few others spoke up too. We were all awarded with a shake of Teacher’s head.

“A pity.” As he spoke, Teacher clasped his arms behind his back. “That. Is strike one, children. You would be wise to avoid another. Now, to your seats. There is work to be done.”

I clamped my mouth shut. Whatever fantasy I had of enjoying a peaceful time at the Art Barn vanished in that moment. The only thing I could concentrate on was not earning a second strike. I had thought I had seen the worst of the camp’s punishments, but having Teacher against me certainly felt worse than having to endure ten of the stupid introductory / punishment videos.


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