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Welcome to my blog, where I write about a variety of subjects, from Furry Friends and Dungeons & Dragons, to entire series like Positivity Camp.

Positivity Camp

Positivity Camp Sequel

23 April 2020
Everyone has been so amazing and kind with my recent book launch! I know I don’t have killer sales, but I have had a few people asking about a sequel. I was conte...

Positivity Camp Book Launch

17 April 2020
I can’t believe it! Positivity Camp is finally done! That terribly wonderful project that consumed two years and more of my life is truly and finally done! Thank ...

Positivity Camp Epilogue

27 February 2019
Then end is upon us. Well, what I meant to say is that the end to Positivity Camp is upon us. There’s still a lot I’d like to add and tweak with this story, so if...

Positivity Camp Part XLII

13 February 2019
Positivity Camp is drawing to a close, and I can honestly say, I’m very glad to see it ending. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun, but it’s also been a long journe...

Positivity Camp Part XLI

25 January 2019
Hello! The weekend is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited! I’ll finally have some time for reading the books I picked up from the library and tim...

Positivity Camp Part XL

10 January 2019
Positivity Camp was never meant to go on for this long, but I’ve done it. I’ve reached part 40. In case anyone was wondering, this was supposed to be a short 5 to...

Positivity Camp Part XXXIX

27 December 2018
Celebrate the end of a week of holidays with a quick reading break! This week’s story is a continuation of Positivity Camp, a camp where only positive words are a...

Positivity Camp Part XXXVIII

30 November 2018
It’s difficult to believe that this is the last day of the month. Even more shocking, I stuck to my goal. That’s right! I finished editing my book, MAD Upload, an...

Positivity Camp Part XXXVII

15 November 2018
Friday is back…dun dun dun…back again! If you thought the last Positivity Camp was dark…well, I’m pretty confident I can top that. What I’m not confident about is...

Positivity Camp Part XXXVI

01 November 2018
Friday is here again! As promised, here is more Positivity Camp! The tale has taken quite a dark turn as the campers failed to escape. The only one who seems unco...

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