22 May 2020


Written by Sarah-Maree

Hope this Friday finds you well! I can’t say that I’ve been any more productive with creative projects this week, but I do get excited when I think about crafting. That has to be a good sign, right?

Anyway, this week, I wanted to talk about where I came up with that phrase: “May your adventures be many and your inspiration be endless!” Some of you may have spotted it in your signed Positivity Camp book. Well, here’s where the phrase came from and why I enjoy sharing it so much!

May your adventures be many…

I’ve wanted a catch phrase for a while now. It started back when Nick, my awesome husband and an amazing artist, started watching VsauceAt the end of each video, the guy says, “And as always, thanks for watching.” I loved that! The only thing is, it kind of only works for videos. I couldn’t exactly use that for the end of my blogs. I also couldn’t use it for that short note I give my Etsy customers. It wasn’t me, and it didn’t feel right to say, “And as always, thanks for reading” or for Etsy, “And as always, thanks for purchasing.” It just didn’t work for me, but I loved it, nonetheless.

From there, I started receiving emails from author Holly Lisle. She often ends her emails with, “Write with joy.” Again, loved that! But just as with the Vsauce guy, I couldn’t take that phrase. It didn’t feel right, and it certainly didn’t fit. I wanted my phrase to be unique to me. I wanted other people to enjoy it just as I enjoyed what other artists came up with.

Now then, I had to do some soul-searching. What made me unique? What did I want to promote? I’m a writer. I’m an adventurer. I’m a D&D player. I’m a crafter. Three of those things have one thing in common – adventures. We read for adventure or to escape. I write to…well, to get these stories out of my head and somewhere more productive…anyway, I write to share adventures my brain goes on. From there, the phrase “May your adventures be many” was formed. After all, I wanted others to have as many adventures they could have as well. It was perfect! But it wasn’t complete.

…and your inspiration be endless!

From there, I had to do more soul-searching. I wanted my phrase to encompass my crafting side as well as my writing and adventurous side. The first half didn’t quite touch on the crafting as much as I wanted.

That’s where I searched for a word that could describe my crafting side along with what I wanted others to experience with my crafting – inspiration. From there, it was a simple process of combining adventure and inspiration. It took a little longer to figure out how to describe inspiration, but when I did, BAM! I had my phrase.

As you can probably tell, I’m very proud of myself for coming up with my own phrase. It works so well for those four core aspects of who I am and what I want others to enjoy from the things I create. Brilliant!

Anyway, enough self-congratulating. Next week I’ll be back to more ferret hilarity as I share how Erin and Teeka became drug addicts. Until then…

May your adventures be many and your inspiration be endless!

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