30 September 2016

Positivity Camp Part II

Written by Sarah-Maree

Here it is, Part II of Positivity Camp!


Previously on Positivity Camp:Campers Daniel and Wendy turned Counselor Dave’s positive name game negative. As punishment, the two campers were sent to Nurse Pam.

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“Ah, I’ve received word about the two of you,” someone called out, their voice coming from behind us rather than from inside the building. I must have jumped because Wendy laughed. I spun around to glare at the nurse or councilor or psychiatrist or whoever it was who had called out to us.

“Yes, we are here to see the video,” Wendy said, getting right to the point.

“Before we do that, I need the two of you to come with me.” The woman with her khaki shorts and brown collared shirt turned toward the camp’s main entrance and walked out.

“Should we follow?” I whispered to Wendy, but she had already started walking back down the steps. Then I remembered her plan, or rather that she had one that I knew nothing about. With her walking away, there was no time to ask her any questions. Now, with an adult around, there was no way for either of us to say anything. So, I tried to figure out what Wendy’s last cryptic message meant: We follow the rules from here on out. Which had been followed by: Trust me.

“Well, nothing better to do,” I grumbled under my breath. As I caught up to the Wendy and Councilor Emily, as her silver nametag stated, Councilor Emily motioned for us to turn around as she pointed at the boards outside the camp.

“I want you both to take a good long look at these words. They are to remain out here, and when you enter camp, you are to erase them from your mind. I will give you two minutes to study them.”

Two minutes felt like ages to me as I gazed at all the words. Really, their one sign felt inadequate for all the bad words out in the world. The sign had these words burned into it:

No, not and any contraction thereof, the prefix un-, less than, bad, nasty, awful, terrible, worse, loath, hate, worthless, never, cusswords of any kind, derogatory words such as dump, stupid, idiot, etc.

As I looked at the main board with its forbidden words, Wendy’s message began to click in my head. We could still say plenty of horrendous things if we were careful to not use the words on the board. My mind drifted as I began to wonder what would happen to the list if we started misbehaving ourselves. (Written by Sarah Klein)

Wendy chuckled nearby, almost as though she had read my thoughts.

“Is something funny?”

I tried to keep from grinning, just so I would not be called on next. My mind fumbled for a response other than ‘no’.

“Yes,” Wendy said boldly. I stared at her, confused and concerned. Still, I couldn’t fault her for going with the safe answer.

“Oh? Care to share?” Councilor Emily smiled wickedly at her, but Wendy did not back down.

“At this time, I feel it is best to keep my response quiet.”

Councilor Emily stared at Wendy in open mouthed bewilderment. She tried several times to formulate a comeback, but the perfect answer clearly had her stumped. Wendy shot me a wink and a wicked smile of her own.

Suddenly it clicked in my head. I had been thinking about things all wrong! Oh, true we could still say some rotten words, but we could be just as chaotic if we said things correctly, too!

“That’s all for now, I think,” Councilor Emily said, finally regaining her composure. “Time for the positivity video.” She did not wait for a response from either of us, she simply turned around and walked back into the camp.

Before I could walk under the giant wooden board that separated normal society from the reality of the camp, Wendy bumped into me. “Yahoo,” she whispered as she walked past. I smiled, thinking of all the words not on their list. Wendy had been right…Positivity Camp could be fun.


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